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About AEfolio

AEfolio is a Hong Kong-based home decor company that focuses on beautiful handmade objects for living, all crafted in the finest glass. From vases and sculptures to lighting and fine jewelry, each piece in the collection has been designed to celebrate the beauty of glass: vivid colors, crystal-like clarity, and magical luminosity. Each piece is produced one at a time using traditional glassworking methods: handblowing, casting, and fusing. We honor the scale of artisan production and ensure that every piece meets our high bar for quality.



Each design in our collection is made by skilled artisans, using the highest-quality raw materials. The designs exemplify the unique and beautiful character of glass and are truly works of art. When sand meets heat, it unleashes the freedom of hot molten glass as it flows and transforms into a dynamic new form: a piece of art that captures the energy and spirit of the material and the artist.


ARTISAN-MADE | Every piece is produced in small runs to honor the scale of artisan production and to ensure that it meets our high bar for quality.
PURE MATERIALS | We consider each product in our collection a piece of fine art and use raw materials from Europe and the United states that set the highest international standards for clarity and color. The colors we’ve chosen for our collections exemplify the most beautiful qualities of glass: powerful, mesmerizing, and with the power to transform an environment.
HAND BLOWN GLASS | Hand blown glass is the hallmark of AEfolio. Its essence is simple: air is blown through a long metal pipe into a ball of molten glass which is shaped using various tools. From there, the techniques and possibilities that transform glass into art are limitless. As Eveline Ko – the founder of AEfolio – believes, we bridge East and West: refining master techniques from the West with new energy and ideas from the East.
CAST GLASS | We also have an exclusive collection of limited-edition cast glass sculptures. The journey of each piece is painstaking and time-intensive: various colors of molten glass are carefully poured into an intricate mold, then placed in a kiln to cool over the course of days or weeks. Beautifully complex details are achieved in the pieces that survive the process; these unique objects become treasured heirlooms and sought-after collectibles.
COLLECTIVE PRECISION | Several experienced glassblowers – each playing a different crucial role – work in unison to craft each piece of glass. Through each step of this delicate process, the work and bond between the artist and the team is vital. As they work against the clock to transform hot molten glass into a new form, a fraction of a second can make the difference between achieving a masterpiece, or no piece at all.