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About The Founder

Artist and entrepreneur Eveline Ko was born with art in her DNA. Her father was a master painter, specializing in both Eastern and Western styles, and Eveline grew up with a deep appreciation for art and its potential to bridge cultures.

Following an accomplished career in finance, she has spent the past decade following her creative dream, exploring the rich culture of traditional art and crafts like ceramics, painting and sculpture. She discovered the transformative power of glassblowing – when sand meets heat, it unleashes the freedom of hot molten glass as it flows and transforms into a dynamic new form: a piece of art that captures the energy and spirit of the material and the artist.

Eveline’s interest in glass brought her to the United States to study glassblowing, glass chemistry and design, and to Shanghai, China to develop a world-class glass art workshop. Today, a residency program brings glass masters from around the world to this unique workshop; it is a crucible for sharing ideas, melding cultures, and exploring the vast possibilities of glass. This is the embodiment of Eveline’s philosophy; this is AEfolio.