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Where is AEfolio located, and where are the products made?

AEfolio is headquartered in Hong Kong, and team members are in Hong Kong and the United States. We partner with a Shanghai-based glass workshop that creates the hand blown and cast glass product we sell. They are one of the few workshops in the world with the expertise and equipment to produce both blown and cast glass, so we are honored to work with them.


What efforts are AEfolio taking to be environmentally friendly?

We’re committed to working in a way that promotes the health and safety of people and the planet. It’s important to us that the workshops we partner with share these values.

We’re working with our partner glassblowing workshop to transform waste glass material left over from their production process into a line of beautiful recycled glass tableware. They use an efficient furnace design that improves energy efficiency, and also lower the temperature of the furnaces at night to save energy. The workshop is also one of the few facilities in China that has undergone a rigorous certification process to do acid etching for glass: a technique that creates beautifully intricate textured patterns. After the acid is used, it undergoes a neutralization process and is collected by the Environmental Protection Administration to ensure that it is inert and will not harm the environment.

To pack and ship products to customers, we use recyclable and compostable materials – tissue paper, packing paper, and starch peanuts – in an effort to minimize the use of single-use plastics.


What types of products does AEfolio offer?

AEfolio is a home decor company that focuses on beautiful handmade objects for living. Our flagship collection features hand blown glass vases, sculptures and lighting. We partner with architects and designers through our custom design program to bring their creative visions to life for the spaces and experiences they create. Every product is made-to-order or produced in small runs to honor the scale of artisan production and to ensure that it meets our high bar for quality.

We’re excited to expand our collections in 2022 with the introduction of new vase, sculpture and lighting designs as well as a tabletop category!


Are all products handmade?

Yes! Each design in our collection is made-to-order by skilled artisans, using the highest-quality raw materials. The designs exemplify the unique and beautiful character of hand blown glass and are truly works of art.